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garden designs This pond with its solid stone urn - darkened with moss - over which water is permanently recirculated from a central pipe is a feature of a private Balinese garden. The inside of the shallow pond is painted black to add a feeling of depth and is not a hazard for young children. It is stocked with goldfish and planted out with scented waterlilies. Ask a question
garden landscape designs This garden includes a tennis court with an elevated gazebo for spectators, a childrens' playground, a pavilion with an extensive BBQ kitchen for eating alfresco and finally a heated swimming pool in a giant glass pavilion. This has a reverse-cycle airconditioning system computer linked to the airport thermometer of a tropical island! Ask a question

house garden integration This garden surrounds a house which Peter designed and built, and is situated on the MacDonald River at St Albans, NSW. The garden is of unusual shape being narrow and long and extends for about 400 metres along the river's edge. This image is taken from the croquet lawn and looks south towards the wisteria covered main terrace, which is built right to the edge of the the river bank. Ask a question

pool garden designers The path from the existing house on the island through the garden towards the swimming pool. To sustain the garden, provide water for the house(which is to be redesigned by Peter) and top up the pool an extensive water saving system was put into place at the time of building the swimming pool, because even in tropical climates one cannot be sure with global warming how reliable the rainfall will be.
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